Team Building

We have now introduced a comprehensive relationship building program in an attempt to enhance your employees productiveness. Furthermore, our program is designed to encourage staff members to set more desirable goals for themselves and to build lasting interpersonal partnerships among their co-workers. Our program learns from the missteps of other modern, ineffective team building exercises. Our unique exploit of proficiently flying a hot air balloon translates into work productivity by having each member actively participating in team oriented tasks.


In order to develop connections, members need to work closely which is why we split them into smaller teams of a couple to four people after our personal preflight meeting. Each team is going to be given instruction by our qualified ballooning pilots on area, wind conditions and full operation of the balloon itself. The participants may be asked to determine a reliable landing site based upon their preceding instruction, calling for them to work as a team.

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Each trip will be carefully observed by the group with the aid of our veteran captains. The captain will help each group of people with the inflation of the balloon in addition to all other necessary inspections to guarantee the absolute functionality of the flight. Inflation of the balloon typically takes no more than fifteen minutes. Once inflated and all essential preflight checks have been effectively completed, the captain will have your group board the basket to prepare for lift off!


Each team will leave with vast expertise on the flight of the balloon and exactly what enters into the operation of it. Each team will have to utilize team oriented techniques to determine what elevation to fly at and the route to take for touchdown using the information given by the pilot beforehand.


Their flight will wrap up with a successful landing on their pre-selected landing spot to finalize their team building, one hour hot air balloon flight. Assuming their inevitable successful landing, each group, with the help of the captain and his ground crew will secure and pack up the balloon. Each aviator is different, but typically a pilot will celebrate the adventure with some sort of amenity varying from a champagne toast to hors d'oeuvres. During this time each team member will likely have the chance to discuss among themselves their experience with hot air ballooning.

Team Building

Team building exercises serve as an effective approach to augment a team's problem solving and creativity capabilities. At New Orleans Hot Air Balloons, we have dedicated ourselves to sustaining an environment and process that serves as real life practice of team building activities that serve to effectively enhance a business, not just function as a nice day of rest. However, let's not forget the charm and serenity that ballooning supplies and how experiencing such wonder in the presence of our colleagues is a strengthening adventure in and of itself.

Team Building Trips may be personalized to meet your corporate and business needs, give us a call at 504-224-5006 to schedule yours today!

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