Exclusive Flights

This is your opportunity to give the love of your life a memory that they are going to hold dear. Your spouse will love the thoughtfulness of the intimacy of your private flight through the skies. The gorgeous panoramic view of the land and sky will leave you both in awe. And given that balloon flights are widely known for being quiet, you can give one another your undivided attention without disturbance, to fall in love all over again. You will be able to choose to celebrate with this private balloon ride or bring along family or friends to share in your momentous celebration.

In this gorgeous surrounding, you can choose either the delicate kiss of sunrise to mark the beginning of a new phase in your lives, or use the passionate colors of the sunset as a backdrop to your romantic proposal. Whether you choose to get down on one knee on the ground with the hot air balloon's vivid colors in the background or high among the clouds, we can help you to organize an one of a kind engagement.

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